ompr 0.8.0 2018-06-11

General changes

  • Removed dplyr dependency
  • Added MILPModel, a new, vectorized backend for mixed integer linear programs that can handle very large models. It will eventually replace MIPModel.
  • Added two functions (get_column_duals, get_row_duals) to extract the dual (column and row) values from an LP.
  • The minimum supported R version is now 3.2.0
  • get_solution now always return a solution, even if the solution status is not optimal.
  • get_solution has a third argument type with permitted values being “primal” and “dual” to return the respective column primal or dual values.


  • You can now extract solutions of indexed variables that have length one (#198)

ompr 0.7.0 2017-11-17

Breaking changes

  • ompr now uses sparse constraint matrices. extract_constraints now returns a sparse matrix and objective_function returns a sparse vector.
  • The minimum supported R version is now 3.3.0
  • Fixed an issue with Rcpp. The minimum Rcpp version is now 0.12.12

Minor changes

  • New progress bar based on the progress package.

ompr 0.6.0 2017-04-17

  • First version on CRAN